Glass Candy, "I Always Say Yes (Baron von Luxxury Remix Parts II & III)"

Best Glass Candy remix I've heard yet. Wow. Big thumbs up to Baron von Luxxury (MySpace) for putting this one together. Here's the story:

Von Luxxury, Johnny Jewel, and Ida spent nine months working on this remix! Johnny and von Luxxury were quite the collaborative team as they kept bouncing ideas off of each other, passing around edits, and critiquing each incarnation of the edit. The final cut wound up being nineteen minutes long, believe it or not (hence the Parts II & III thing)!

I'm itching to hear Part I, but for now, the final two-thirds cut it pretty damn well. The von Luxxury remix is dark and ambient like Glass Candy songs ought to be, bouncy and post-punk-infused, but with just enough disco gloss and atmospheric shimmers to bump it up to moody dance floor fodder (if also very smart and expertly arranged).

Download the remix below. It rocks, rocks!

Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes (Baron von Luxxury Remix Parts II & III)