Radiohead's Scotch Mist

Unlike most of you, I'm sure, BBBD didn't do much for New Year's Eve. Thankfully, Radiohead -- a band whose resolution was obviously to please all, spread good music deep and wide throughout the world, and usher in the New Year with some of the best live recordings around -- released their Scotch Mist videocast which successfully kept my attention for 52 minutes solid.

What an amazing performance! Watching the Oxfordshire quintet play is mesmerizing ... Thom Yorke's body movements, drummer Phil Selway's stoic, precise-to-the-milisecond drumming, Jonny Greenwood's dutifully captivating performance, and Colin Greenwood/Ed O'Brien's nonchalant playing all converged into this cohesive whole that was hypnotic in effect. Now I must buy the album. I must I must.

I would rather pay money to see a higher-fidelity version of the film that aired on rather than go to a Radiohead show, where mediocrity is a definite possibility and being stranded in the nosebleed section more than likely.


Anonymous said…
nik, have you seen radiohead live? i don't think mediocrity is a possibility
Nicholas Mercer said…
Oh, I'm sure you're right. There's no way that Radiohead ever has a "bad" show ... certainly, even a less stunning one would be miles ahead of any other group on the tour circuit.

I'm just saying that I like being in the front row, seeing everyone right up close, and not paying $30 (or possibly more) to get seats (or the lack thereof) to see Radiohead from a distance, surrounded by a pile of unknowns, who could very well be obnoxious, irritating, fat and smelly, or all of the above.

Get it?

I'm certainly a concert goer -- I'm the first to say I love a good live show and I go to one a few times a week -- but I don't enjoy a bad audience -- my interest declines proportionately with a worsening crowd -- and crummy opening acts, drunk headliners, or too-short sets just get to me (like everyone else)!

I like the notion of a perfect live set. I would pay for that Radiohead film were the band to up the audio and video quality and make it a download.

That's all I'm saying.
Anonymous said…
before watching scotch mist, i hadn't seen the beautiful outdoor recording of Thom and Jonny playing Faust ARP that aired in November.. that was probably my favorite part of the scotch mist program. the whole piece was incredible - those guys really do have chemistry playing together as musicians - but that faust ARP was just breathtaking. thom's voice was so rich and solid.. and they were on a damn HILL at SUNSET. and i understand exactly what you mean about wishing to purchase a video.. a bad or annoying audience can really kill a show!
800# said…
I've seen them live four times... I'm a bit of a fan. One of those times was less than amazing. I consider myself pretty jaded, and I know a bad show when I see one, but they are without a doubt better in person, even in the nosebleeds. Every time I've seen them, even at festivals, they've played over 23 songs. They usually grab great openers (I've seen Deerhoof, the Beta Band, and Stephen Malkmus + the Jicks open up for em) and their crowds are a cut above the rest. Further, their live light and video setups are mind blowing. Seriously, this video is great and all, but it isn't close to the real thing.