Alice {Musics}

Before I kick this one off, keep in mind that the below song is a demo, and therefore, I believe, not fully reflective of how great this artist can be.

Alice {Musics} is a a U.K. singer/songwriter backed by a few instrumentalists. It seems to be her project, though. On first listen, a few things'll pop out at you in particular. One, she slips piano lines into nearly every bar of every song. Two, she has a pretty great voice, right? Strong and uniquely mystical and style. I like it a lot when she harmonizes, too. Three, the non-piano and non-vocal lines are especially sparse, but when they do incorporate into a tune, they're much welcomed. Like an extra bonus, a surprise ... sporadic bass lines save these songs in some cases and congeal the ideas into true "songs" as opposed to vocal sketches.

I'm enjoy the EP, and am especially curious to hear what Alice {Musics} has to offer in the future. She's being received well in the U.K. and has some good songs under her belt and a digestibility and creativity to her that's greatly sought after. Fingers crossed ...

Alice {Musics} - Not In This Kitchen