New Poney Poney Track

BBBD's favorite French garage-rock band, Poney Poney, is back with a new track, "Cross the Fader." Their best yet, in our humble opinion. These Parisian rockers just keep getting better ...

The track is quick, sharp, and in your face. A chugging, warbley bass line outlines the tune; smoothly staccato vocals bring cohesion; robotic drumming with plenty of high-hat and hand claps turn the whole thing into a party. "Cross the Fader" is an assurance: whatever these guys come out with in the end -- whether it's an album, an EP, or another single -- will not only be great, but indicative of something better around the corner.

And remember -- you heard it from BBBD first! We've the exclusive hook ups for those of you savvy enough to know where the good stuff comes from!

Poney Poney - Cross the Fader

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
Except its not exclusive, Big Stereo's got it too. Nice try though.
Nicholas Mercer said…
Quite the spoil sport!

Thanks for the heads up, anyway. I misinterpreted Ppney Poney's email, I guess. Damn.
Ross said…
great song, I don't read Big Stereo so i'd still be in the dark