New Toxic Avenger Remix

Never heard of this band, The Fire & Reason (MySpace), but there's not a whole lot to know/missed by not hearing them until now. They're a sexy NYC quartet that plays angular dance-rock stuff. It's fun.

The coolest thing, though, is that the Toxic Avenger just remixed them, and the resultant pure awesomeness is a phenomenal dance track, made sweeter by the smooth female vocals and simultaneously grittier with the gritty, abrasive Toxic Avenger synth lines and distorted beats we've grown to love.

Get down with "NME" as remixed and reinterpreted by the Toxic Avenger. And hey, if you like the Fire and Reason, keep an eye out for the new material they're working on!

the Fire and Reason - NME (the Toxic Avenger Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


Trash Menagerie said…
Nice one Nik!
Anonymous said…
THis is HOT as HELL! I'm loving it OMG! MORE MORE MORE!
Anonymous said…
Nik, I'm sorry, this is about as bad as Jimmy Eat World! Maybe worse! I expect more quality control from Mr. Mercer; however, he seems to be stuck in 2006 with this one.