Got another Cosy Recordings one for ya here: Elenette (MySpace. The Swedish quartet stands out for a few reasons:
(1) They sing, for the most part, in Swedish!
(2) They sound more like the Monochrome Set rather than yet another outrageously good Swedish guitar-pop group.
Like wackier Clash plus the Monochrome Set with a twist of 50s girl group swing and rockabilly. I kid you not. Elenette -- despite the sort of girly name -- will blow your socks off with their quirky rock dance tunes. Boy do I love the alto sax in their arrangements -- what ever happened to that instrument!? How much more soulful is a sax compared to a guitar!?

Buy their stuff digitally on Last.fm or get hard copies from Cpsy Recordings. Enjoy. Enjoy very, very much.

Elenette - Pappa Go Riot!

Elenette - Jag Hatar Maen

Buy it at Insound!


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hey this photo is from my party last year