Tim Goldsworthy Remixes These New Puritans

So -- guess what? Hedi Slimane's These New Puritans (MySpace) is the buzz band of the moment week month year. They're refreshingly angular, simple, charismatic, and detached from any other British buzz scene. They're just really sexy. Like a really, really sexy couture-endorsed version of Test Icicles.

Beat Pyramid is easily one of the most anticipated releases of 2008, and lucky for us, These New Puritans has released a 12" single for "Navigate, Navigate" to entice us to buy Beat Pyramid when it's released on March 18.

Aside from featuring the original single, the 12" also includes a Tim Goldsworthy (AKA the Loving Hand) remix ... which you can download -- free of charge! -- below.

I'll end the post on this note:
A week before Hedi Slimane's Autumn ‘07 collection for Dior Homme was to be introduced on the catwalk, Slimane called Jack Barnett (These New Puritans' de-facto band leader) to Paris, requesting of him the no small task of composing a 15-minute soundtrack suitable for the collection. In under a week, they worked for hours on end long into each night, only retreating for sleep to the top floor of a block of Paris flats, writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering the 15-minute track. The resulting “Navigate, Navigate” seemed to draw as much of the resulting press as Slimane's sleek, elegant costumes. It showed the band, in only a few short months, to have moved light years ahead of previous work.

These New Puritans - Navigate, Navigate (the Loving Hand Remix)

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