New Monsterk7 Release

The European label, Monsterk7, was formed for pretty ... unorthodox reasons. The "first aim is to restore into favor the audio tape, this phonographic medium sacrificed on the altar of modernity and supplanted by the almost dead CD." Bizarre, right?

I've not actually seen any of the company's tape releases, but I'm sure they're great. For the most part, they release digital compilations, the most recent of which is called Face A/Face B (like a tape -- get it?) "Side A" is all electronic while "Side B" is all folk. Monsterk7 obviously subscribes to a pretty broad definition of "electronic" and "folk": the electronic tracks are all indeed synthetic in nature, but some of them err more towards the IDM side of things while others sound like clips from an all-night rave. I'm more of a "Side A" fan ... the "folk" songs are easy-going, light, and very enjoyable. The best tune is Orouni's "Dead Cat (Milk & Fruit Juice Cover)." It's endearing, simple, and just makes ya feel good.

But enough of my yackin' -- grab the high-quality compilation here and check out the Orouni song from "Side A" below!

Orouni - Dead Cat (Milk & Fruit Juice Cover)