Remixes for Moto Boy!

By our count, BBBD has written about Sweden's up-and-coming Freddie Mercury, Moto Boy ... three times. But don't worry, the Songs I Wish I Had Written roster member is worth continued praise; not only does he have one of the best voices out there at present, but he writes fresh and exuberant music that you just can't get enough of. Check out the eponymous debut LP here if you don't believe me ... or dig around the BBBD archives for some other tunes (here and here).

Anyway, Moto Boy has now officially made the leap from private music (the stuff you listen to while assuming the fetal position and crying on your bed, wallowing in your sorrows) to dance/club music with a couple remixes Discobelle debuted.

Check them out below (one by Chris Price, the other by Jocke & Knifven). FOrtunately, the remixes retain Moto Boy's wonderful vocal chops while throwing in a few sultry beats, orchestral lines, and club gliss for good measure.

Moto Boy - Young Love (Chris Price Remix)

Moto Boy - Young Love (Jocke & Knifven Remix)

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