With the pile of "electronic" dance music mounting exponentially by the second, it's a relief to find a new duo -- Hamburg's Decalicious -- get endorsement from heavy hitters like Digitalism and Brodinski ... they've gotta be good (unlike the rest of the crap out there)!

The pair's sound finds itself "somewhere in between disco-influenced French house and harder sounds along the lines of their friends ... Digitalism." Sounds appealing, right? Check out "La Faviere 76 (Larsz Chaptier)" -- off their 040 Recordings vinyl single (buy it here) to confirm for yourself, but doubtless, you'll be pulled in by the German outfit's off-kilter, hypnotic aesthetic. It's like Vitalic taking a page out of Justice's book and recording a cut for some Satanic circus soundtrack. (Does that make any sense?)

Additionally, they're good at remixing! Re: their remix of Liberation Frequency's "Aldente B-Moll." While I've not heard the original song, the remix is fulfilling, and that's all I need. These guys ... are ... bound ... to ... blow up!

Decalicious - La Faviere 76 (Larsz Chaptier)

Liberation Frequency - Aldente B-Moll (Decalicious Remix)

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