Operator Please Remixed By Sportsday Megaphone

Object of the British/Australian Hype Machine's fascination, Operator Please (MySpace) just released their debut LP, Yes Yes Vindictive, in Australia and New Zealand (coming on March 17 in the U.K.), and, as is to be expected, slapped a bunch of remixes and b-sides on the accompanying singles.

One of these singles -- for "Get What You Want" -- was remixed by BBBD favorite Sportsday Megaphone. In typical Sportsday Megaphone fashion, the remix is hyperactive, spastic, and refuses to calm down until it's just short of the three-minute mark and then, poof -- it's gone.

I'm sure you can all find the CD and singles if you really want (the Teenagers did a remix, too), but since it's only out in Austrlia and the U.K., I'm not going to bother with that stuff. Just dig the track, okay?

Operator Please - Get What You Want (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)