The Bell, Remixed

The Bell (MySpace) released Make Some Quiet on Badman Recording Co. to much acclaim last year, and now the Stockholm trio's back with a couple remixes of their stuff with another on its way.

Make Some Quiet was an Interpol-esque post-punk record; dark and brooding; energetic, rhythmic, and clean; heavy on the warble-y bass lines and gritty rhythm guitar; a great production, in short.

The below two remixes are good if you're looking for an excuse to dance to the Bell at your local club ... the Joe & Will Ask remix of "I AM History" sounds a bit like a Junior Boys edit or something; this tinny, pulsating synth rhythm extends throughout the song, making it reminiscent of say, "In the Morning." The remix of "Target Group" is shorter and features Happy Mondays-esque chanting, LCD Soundsystem-esque cowbell usage, and a fat, robotic synth line that lays atop everything else. They're both pretty damn good.

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the Bell - I Am History (Joe & Will Ask Remix)

the Bell - Target Group (Mixhell Remix)

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