New I Am Bones LP

Morningside Records' I Am Bones (MySpace) released a new record in late 2007, The Greater Good. Somehow I've missed it until now, February 11. Damn.

It's a good sophomore effort, though. The Greater Good is more energetic much more energetic and bombastic. It's right up in your face from front to end, never pulling back, never coming up for a breath of air, never letting up. Which is actually a good thing. I Am Bones consistently and persistently churns out boss hooks, jangling guitar-pop melodies, and jovial arrangements, enhanced by clean and clear production qualities and Johannes Gammelby's raspy, Pixies-esque vocals and spirit.

Keep in mind that Gammelby is essential the only member of I Am Bones. He write the songs, arranges them, and all that jazz. This record was more of a group effort than the last, but don't think he's let up any of his creative control: The Greater Good is dripping with Gammelby's unique sound and ambiance.

I'm calling this speed grunge. It's got the soul of grunge -- gritty, abrasive, tattered and torn, but literally sped up. The Danish super-sweet pop topping makes it less "grungy," I guess, but still ... what do you think?

I Am Bones - Zeitgeist

I Am Bones - The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
Nice post. I had never heard of I Am Bones, but will definitely be keeping tabs on them.

Love the chords in the chorus in Zeitgeist. Yum.
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