Moulinex Remixes Cut Copy, Turboweekend

Gah, sometimes I just feel so damn out of it. Have any of you folks ever heard of this Moulinex character? He's from Germany, he remixes, and he just released a very, very good in its own right Cut Copy remix of "Lights & Music," but ... I never even knew he existed! Caught totally unawares.

Moulinex is part of Discotexas ... whatever the heck that is. I'm just showing you the trail of breadcrumbs -- go off an discover the inner workings of Germany's underground Justice-hailing electronic scene.

In all honesty, the Cut Copy remix is great, though. It's spacier than the original, more stoic and steely-eyed (if it was a person). I'm having a rough morning, so my apologies for funny/uninteresting/confusing descriptors. This remix ought to be on a soundtrack for a Leiji Matsumoto sci-fi anime ... Galaxy Express 999 or something. Helpful? Just download the friggin' thing and grab the Turboweekend remix as a little bonus. (What's that? Hate Turboweekend as well!? Yeah, well this remix is actually pretty redeeming, so give it a listen, anyway.)

Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Moulinex Remix)

Turboweekend - My Name Is Legion (Moulinex Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


Even though Moulinex is German I'm pretty sure Discotexas is Portuguese.
DaDa KingZ said…
Apparently he's from Portugal but is residing in Germany. The Cut Copy remix is amazing, odd they decided not to include it in an official release?!
zntn said…
I was lucky enough to have a preview of the remix a month ago or two. it is really one of his best works yet!
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