Clinic & the Guillemots Give Us Freebies!

I guess it's really, really awesome to give MP3s away to promote a band's new album in exchange for the downloader's email address. I can pretty much unilaterally say that yes, yes indeed, I will fork over my GMail address (or *ahem* a fake one) in exchange for an MP3.

Anyway -- the two freebies of note from this week are Clinic's "Free Not Free" and Guillemots' Kriss Kross.

Joining the Clinic mailing list for "Free Not Free" is so much more worth it, though: not only do you get the song from their forthcoming Do It! LP, but you also get "Thor," a stellar b-side, and a pile of artwork. "Kriss Kross" is bizarre ... sounds like the Guillemots got their hands on the cheesy synths that Europe used to use and went on a Queen binge, but oh boy is the song a sure-fire hit.

"Free Not Free" is quite possibly Clinic's most melodious and accessible song. It's a swooning, dark, and melodious psych-rock tune that also emulates old rockabilly and soulful high school prom dance music circa 1954. Very rockin'.

Enjoy the Clinic song below for streaming and download.

Clinic - Free Not Free