Robert Church & the Holy Community

Hey readers -- do I really need to stop writing about so many Swedish bands? Do you want more news from this side of the Atlantic? Is it really necessary? Because if it's not, I'll keep trumpeting the wonderful music that consistently is churned out by our European brothers ... and go a little [too] light on the stuff from home. I love American music, but to stand out in the blog world, I've gotta keep writing about people you don't know! Enjoy!

Today, I've got a new Series Two Records artist, Robert Church & the Holy Community. I like this band a lot. They've that clean and crisp guitar-pop style that the Swedes have branded their own, but incorporated into the mix is a meticulous sort of folk/pop that's unique and really, really catchy. This stuff might be a little too mellow for me, but it also reminds me too much of the Unicorns or Alden Penner's stuff and old PB & J stuff. So I can't refuse.

If you thought I'm From Barcelona was too cutesy and the Unicorns weren't structured and concise enough, Robert Church & the Holy Community is for you. The new LP, Le Rouge, can be purchase here if you live in Japan. Better just wire 13 USD to with your address and tell them you want the record ...

Anyway -- sample away!

Robert Church & the Holy Community - Train to Asia

Robert Church & the Holy Community - Sunday Love

Robert Church & the Holy Community - Steve