Projekt A-Ko/Horowitz Split 7"

I'd not heard of the delightful Filthy Little Angels label until today, which is really a shame since it's a great record company!

The label is a great example of the C86/D.I.Y. aesthetic that's being applied to today's indie scene. The website features a plethora of label- and artist-curated mixes, a pile of free downloads, and plenty of modest, personality-driven commentary. I love it and feel compelled to explore the archives for hours on end ... maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, F.L.A. has a new 7" coming out on February 11 -- a split featuring two songs by Scotland's Projekt A-Ko (MySpace) and Horowitz (MySpace), another U.K. group. Pre-order the thing here. There're only going to be 200 copies, all of which are bound to sell, so pick one up now!

I really like Projekt A-Ko. They represent a world of contradictions: distortion-filled, gritty garage rock plus My Bloody Valentine-esque atmospheric soundscapes plus twee boy/girl singing and poppy harmonies. They rock hard, but with an earnestness and sweetness that's been long forgotten. Horowitz, on the other hand, sounds like your prototypical Swedish pop group. Clean, crisp, light guitar riffs, summery hooks and melodies, modest, heavy-on-the-high-hat drumming. They're charming and I love 'em, so keep an eye on them!

Projekt A-Ko - Nothing Works Twice

Horowitz - Sweetness, I Could Die In Your Arms