I've never even heard of Columbus, Nebraska, but the small record label, Series Two Records, is clearly the best thing to hit the teeny city. Yeah, I'm making the sweeping generalization. Series Two brought us the wonderful Suburban Kids With Biblical Names related project, SpringFactory (MySpace) -- remember them? BBBD buttered them up last month -- and now they've dropped a new one on us: Tafra.

Tafra is Niklas Tafra, a half-Croatian Swede currently living in London, who has an incredibly knack to write these dreamy sort of Swedish pop waltzes that are obviously bedroom recordings, (duh) outrageously catchy and heartwarming, and strangely experimental/noisy in their constructions. He plays mandolin; he can't quite hit those higher notes; he writes about ridiculous subjects (re: "Oh, Daniel"); he's after your own heart, and admit it -- you're in love.

The debut (woo!) LP, Why Even Bother?, is out now, and can be purchased for a mere $13. Just send the money via PayPal to seriestworecords@gmail.com (be sure to tell them what you want!), and a disc'll pop up in your mailbox soon enough.

Tafra - Cheesy Epic View

Tafra - Oh, Daniel

Tafra - I'm Sorry Brakne

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