Legitimized: CFCF Remix of the Teenagers' "Sunset Beach"

A long time ago, BBBD published a certain post on our favorite Frenchies, the Teenagers, concerning a certain remix of "Sunset Beach" that a certain spectacular Canadian electronic artist, remixer, and DF, CFCF (remember that name) did for the trio.

You can read it here if you've any interest. We're happy to say that today we've been given official permission to post the CFCF remix of "Sunset Beach," though, so now all you need to pay attention to is this post!

The track is great. CFCF morphed the already sleazy garage song into an even sleazier quasi-narrative tune that is, if nothing else, extremely entertaining since you can really hear the lyrics. The Teenagers have always incorporated an unusual sort of talking-not-singing vocal style into their "story songs," and this remix fully brings that tendency to light. Not that it's unclear to begin with -- it's the lyrics that are so appealing, anyway! -- but CFCF has truly exposed the underlying structure of the Teenagers' arrangements with this mix. Enjoy it.

the Teenagers - Sunset Beach (CFCF Remix)

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