Bad Flirt

I'm not afraid to say this -- and none of you, dear readers -- ought to, either, but I've a very, very soft spot set aside in my heart for Metric. Fame and fortune, commercialization and watering down aside, they rock hard, and it's a real shame there aren't more bands out there like them. Dancey post-punk/New Wave stuff that is all at once of the current and the new and reminiscent of the oldies but goodies (Blondie, the Jam, Squeeze, and no, Duran Duran is not representative of New Wave in the positive fashion I'm referring to it here).

Canadian compatriots Bad Flirt (MySpace) popped up at just the right time, then. These six pump out angular, high-energy pop/rock tracks that're chalk full of stellar hooks, perfectly archetypal post-punk bass lines, and mechanical drumming that's strangely not in want of soul or passion. The singer sort of sounds like the gal from Altered Images -- very nice.

Okay, so here's the deal. "How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation" is mastered, the others are not. Keep that in mind while rocking out and thrashing about to these guys (you inevitably will) -- most likely, the unmastered songs'll get even better. At present, they've only a single out (buy it at the MySpace page), but an LP is on the horizon, and probably an abundance of hype.

Bad Flirt - How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation (feat. Davey Von Bohlen)

Bad Flirt - Hiroshima, Mon Frere (Unmastered)

Bad Flirt - Double Double Date (Unmastered)

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Anonymous said…
I love Metric, thanks for this!