Sexy Kids

Sexy Kids is yet another great Glasgow band that's really caught my fancy recently. The three/five-piece band plays punky and atmospheric pop songs with a twist of New Order and a dash of earnest bedroom space-pop aesthetic. Really good stuff. "Sisters Are Forever" has this amazing guitar melody that drives through the whole song, a great, yet terribly short bridge, and cute vocal harmonies. I especially like how the drumming staggers a teensy bit behind the bass and guitar or else speeds just a millisecond ahead. They're not in shambles; they're just trying hard, doing a heartwarming job of it, and creating songs that emote more than most bands can claim.

If you like the below song, be sure to check out the MySpace page as there're a few more gems. "Measured Pleasures" is a wacky, Wall of Voodoo-esque tune with some Rezillos surf-rock thrown in for good measure; "You Don't Know Me Yet" is a spooky lo-fi ditty, sort of like the B-52s doing a dance hall shuffle; they're all good. Just listen, man!

Sexy Kids - Sisters Are Forever

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sounds great