Radio LXMBRG (MySpace) is a Swedish pop band (I know, I know) that sounds like a bizarre melding cheesy 80s New Wave, sleazy French disco, Depeche Mode, a dash of psych-pop, and like ... Serge Gainsbourg a la Ian Curtis. Sound strange? It is, but in an incredibly appealing and exciting way.

The group has been around for four years, but they just released a phenomenal [proper] debut LP, Trivial Matters (get it here), and that's worth talking about. The LP sounds like a Depeche Mode album arranged by Ennio Morricone. The electronics of a less severe Knife, the throbbing bass lines of a funky Latin ensemble, and the coldness of a classic post-punk song. They're also great at remixing, so be sure to listen to the two I've posted below (BBBD hearts Pacific! so we had to put that one up).

These guys are a lot of fun, and like most of the rising Swedish pop scene stars, they represent a splintering musical community in Scandinavia; one that is less interested in perfectly reproducing great guitar-pop (nothing wrong with that), and more into doing their own thing, that's certainly no less appealing than the former style.

Radio LXMBRG - Feel the Heat

Radio LXMBRG - It's Cruel Up North

Lesbian Wannabe Radio - Doctor Kosmos (Radio LXMBRG Remix)

Radio LXMBRG vs. Pacific - Sunset Blvd.

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