Moofish Catfish

What the hell a "moofish" is, I've no idea, but I'm certain Moofish Catfish will hook you.

The Stockholm four-piece, signed to Cosy Records is very twee/bedroom recording in essence, but don't run away yet; they're not twee in that annoying, self-pitying way. They just like it soft. Moofish Catfish sounds like a slow-paced, psych-leaning compliment to Swedish compatriots, Envelopes, or a more flesh-out Taken By Trees. They're dripping with Swedish pop aesthetics -- from the cute female vocals to the clean guitar hooks to the jazzy drumming -- but are ultimately more delicate and refined than a lot of what you've heard and what you're used to hearing from the Scandinavian region.

Enjoy a couple tunes and order the On A Sunbeam to Your Heart EP from Cosy Records directly.

Moofish Catfish - Lightbulbs

Moofish Catfish - Crocodile Tears

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