New Greengate

BBBD's favorite underappreciated Japanese indie group of the moment -- and for the past several months now! -- Greengate, is out with a new song, "Jumbotron (1:20)" ... it is, as expected, very much worth your time to check out!

Greengate dazzled me with "Home," a invigorating, shoegaze-infused track a la the Stone Roses circa 1989 ... or maybe Primal Scream from that same era or something. "Jumbotron (1:20)" picks up where they left off -- they're still hot on the Madchester/early-90s British rock tack -- but with an added dash of electronic/synthetic grit and bump. It's still just as clean and crisp as "Home," but more energetic, more vital, and perhaps more confident.

Check the tune out below! Support these two -- they rock hard.

Greengate - Jumbotron (1:20)