New Go Go Charlton

When the French indie-pop quartet, Go Go Charlton (MySpace) released their debut EP -- logically called EP 1 -- we posted about them. Now that EP 2 has been released, we're posting again!

Go Go Charlton is a spunky and energetic quartet from oh-so-sexy Paris, France that sounds more like an Orange Juice cover band than a a Phoenix follower; a much more commendable style, if I may say so myself.

But as Go Go Charlton says, they could've formed anywhere, so don't get the wrong impression about their sound and style from the get-go as they're not your typical Parisian foursome.
In UK it could have been a Manchester pub where New Order or The Smiths played for fun. In France it would be Patrick Dewaere negligently laughing on a soccer field. But it's mostly about music, about friends staying up late and about some heroic gigs.

Check out "The Wise's Daughter" (wha?) below. Get EP2/Your Son from iTunes if you want more!

Go Go Charlton - The Wise's Daughter