Under Electric Light

Under Electric Light (MySpace) is a wonderful one-man Montreal-based shoegaze/bedroom/dream pop band. Danny Provencher draws his inspiration from the likes of greats such as New Order, My Bloody Valentine, and the Radio Dept. -- and they all shine through -- but he filters it all with an endearing and heartfelt bedroom recording/space pop aesthetic that distinguishes him from the plethora of other wannabe artists claiming similar influences. I like his honesty, but more so, I appreciate his individual creativity and uniqueness.

He just released a new EP, After the Blue, that you can buy from Bluetracks in Canada. Unfortunately, there seems to be no U.S. distributor at present, but with such a low price and the option of just buying the four MP3s, it's a deal that's hard to resist!

Check out two of the tunes -- half the EP! -- below. You'll be pleasantly surprised and warmed.

Under Electric Light - Your Rainy Days

Under Electric Light - This Moment

Buy it at Insound!