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Is that a really overused, bland, and too obvious headline to use?

Grand Ole Party -- a band you really ought to have heard some buzz about by now as they are, as Rolling Stone aptly claims, the "artist to watch in 2008" -- has had a speedy yet entirely deserved rise. The San Diego trio was formed in late-2005, played a show in early-2006, and has been touring around ever since, their fan base and critical acclaim exponentially increasing with each set. But what do they sound like and why should we all care?

Grand Ole Party is unique in a multitude of ways. First off -- and most notably -- they've a female drummer who is also the lead singer. So that's the big surprise. She's a looker, but don't be deceived: not only keep she keep wicked straight time, but boy can she belt 'em out vocally.

The three piece plays especially full and vibrant songs that sound sort of like would happen if Mark E. Smith met Karen O., hopped on a gypsy caravan headed up by Young Marble Giants, and churned out some slinky garage rock tracks. The debut album, Humanimals was recorded live in an attempt to maintain the band's awesome live presence, and I think it worked! Live, they're gritty and heavy; they just keep plodding along, as though they're a millisecond behind the beat you think you ought to be hearing. Blake Sennett (yes, of Rilo Kiley), produced the record (which allegedly took five twelve-hour days to finish) and cleaned things up a bit, but the core essence is still there. These three are tough, solid as rock, and will never let you think otherwise. Be prepared for forceful sound when you put Grand Ole Party on, but don't worry ... BBBD's guarantees you'll fall for it immediately.

Grand Old Party - Look Out Young Son

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