Architecture In Helsinki @ the Fonda, 6.19.07

architecture in helsinki live
Two things: summer shows still are always the most fun and why don't more bands make a bigger effort to replicate their live sound on CD (or at least release more live albums)!?

I came to the AIH show expecting a restrained, quirky group of Australians plinking around on synths and guitars and hopping around a little here and there. Because ... listening to either of the group's albums -- or even the single for "Heart It Races" -- you get the impression that they're rather modest performers ... they shy away from any sort of overly energetic performance (whether it's vocally, arrangement-wise, instrumentally ... it's all very quiet).
But I liked that sound a lot. Very twee, very endearing.

But I liked the live sound much, much more. It was AIH trying to do arena rock. It was Talking Heads filtered through the lo-fi fun and off-beat aesthetics of the Unicorns. It was climactic, start-stop, bass driven, insanely dancey, and just overall, just one hell of a fun show.

The band was up and at 'em from the minute their arrived on stage. No one exactly mimicked their actual studio performances -- they guitar soloed on "Wishbone"! -- and they added a new level of funk and dance to every tune that I never imagined was there!
There were a few new songs the group played, but for the most part, it was hard for me to recognize any songs since they were so spectacularly revamped! That's very exciting to me: not knowing what the hell you'll get at a show.
But anyway ... they should still try to do this on an album. Or release a live record, yeah?
Check out some photos here!
Architecture In Helsinki - It'5! (live)
Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races (live)


Joshed24 said…
totally agreee. they sounded so much better live.