Tall Firs

Tall Firs (MySpace) is yet another band that somehow passed under my radar for two, three albums. And, the Brooklyn trio is signed to Ecstatic Peace ... really, how the heck did I miss these guys?

Anyway, they've been found, and just in time for their forthcoming LP, Too Old To Die Young, out in March. As it is with most of Ecstatic Peace's signings and releases, it really makes sense that Tall Firs was picked up by Thurston Moore. Briefly put, the group sounds like a folksier version of Sonic Youth, or maybe like the opening for the new Moore solo album. These guys don't mess around -- the music and style is serious, intensely detailed and layered, and especially stoic, solid -- and I love it. They've the sonic reverence and taste for sophisticated arrangements like Radiohead and the homegrown soothingness of any other Ecstatic Peace outfit, Sonic Youth on a "quiet" day, or maybe some underground country outfit from the 70s. I'm blabbing.

Check out a few songs from the new LP below, get some more over here, and buy the Ecstatic Peace eponymous debut over here.

Tall Firs - Blue In the Dark

Tall Firs - Hippies


Gwarlen said…
The Tall Firs picture is not working; bad link?
Nicholas Mercer said…
Good call! Strange how that didn't work ... thanks!