Geometri is an 8-bit/lo-fi apocalyptic glitch act from Brighton. (Yes, I made that up -- what do you think?) The U.K. duo plays these quasi-funk/disco songs that teeter dangerously close to the cheesy side of things, but are redeemed by a self-assuredness and loopy original rave beats, synth lines, and vocoder vocals a la Yellow Magic Orchestra.

They're hectic, scatterbrained, and hyperactive, but maybe that's a good thing. Regardless, these two won't be dubbed unoriginal or crowd followers anytime soon. They've got their own electro night (Talk Is Cheap; Blah Blah Blah), so I guess they've gotta be good, right? Right?

The below song, "Cydonian Rock" might be exclusive to BBBD. Not sure. You've probably not heard the Crystal Castles-meets-Justice-meets-Black Sabbath spazzy club track before ... I'll be on that one.

Geometri - Cydonian Rock

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Anonymous said…
Geometric luv x
Unknown said…
yes! stussy approves,rockin and builds up. sorry i know you'll hate this but would love to hear dizzy rascal over the top..... 'eva run na kettle for a bath?'