The World Record

the world record
I just drove up to Oregon and found myself in the car for a total of 12 hours or so without a good trip mix. Now, sitting in my hotel room, I realize I should've brought the World Record (MySpace) with me. Too late for me, but not too late for all of you!

The Los Angeles band is indie pop merged comfortably with smarter, artier rock and more lackadaisical Pavement-y sounds. These guys are good and deliver perfect summer sounds no matter what you're looking for. There's a little bit of everything within the World Record -- although, certainly, it all revolves around pop, folk, and old garage rock (think the Kinks) -- and I couldn't be more thankful for them.

I hope these guys go somewhere. They've made something really accessible, really special, and really touching. So grab a couple tracks below and get the album, Guitars Forever here!
the World Records - Get Up, Star
the World Record - We're #1

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health remixed by cfcf
I posted about this a while back -- the spectacular CFCF remix of "Triceratops" by HEALTH (MySpace) -- but just got the final cut of the thing yesterday.

The finished version if cleaner and definitely has more ... going on in it, but is essentially the same track. Still, it's amazing -- a little bit of 80s, a little bit of dance, a little bit of sleazy electro -- and definitely worth a second (and improved!) listen ... so grab it below!

HEALTH will be releasing their self-titled debut on Lovepump United Records this September 18 and a split 7" with Crystal Castles in August sometime. I highly recommend both!
HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)

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Pale Young Gentlemen

pale young gentlemen
Every once in a while, I just absolutely cannot resist listening to some tortured soul rock. Pale Young Gentlemen is my perfect fix. These Wisconsin natives play old Western saloon music for the 21st century: it's all a little on the honky tonk side of things, piano-drive ballads, and wailing vocals galore. And yeah, like I said: I can't resist.

These days, rock seems to connote a very broad range of styles and sounds, a side effect of the genre's stratification (either you're hardcore into rock or working 100% against the grain, the way I see it). I know that PYG -- along with groups like the Veils, the Arcade Fire, Guillemots, and many others -- are ushering in a new genre in itself. All the bands stress instrumental aptitude and skill, more classical and baroque arrangements, and, most importantly, a sort of symphonic development and climax. These are not rock songs, but that's all I can call 'em right now. (Hell, PYG have a cellist in their band!)

Anyway. Check out the two MP3s below and buy the wonderful debut, too! Help these guys out in quitting their days jobs and hittin' the road!
Pale Young Gentlemen - Fraulein
Pale Young Gentlemen - Saturday Night

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Samara Lubelski

samara lubelski
I cannot get over how amazing a label The Social Registry is. Every single move the company makes is thought through and aligns with its core principles. ("Modern music. Antiquated ideals.") While it's only been around for four years (!), The Social Registry's roster is absolutely amazing ... from Gang Gang Dance to Blood On the Wall to Psychic Ills, it's all solid gold.

And now, Samara Lubelski (MySpace) is prepping the release of her third album, Parallel Suns, which comes out October 3.
Lubelski is a chilling woman. While she's tremendously talented and clearly sings from a warm heart, her music conveys something contrary; something eerie and spooky; something almost too clean and precise. It's a breed of psychedelic folk music that you'll never hear from anyone but Lubelski, and it's hard to ignore that utter uniqueness.

Check out one of the tunes from the LP below and buy it when it's up for pre-order.
Samara Lubelski - Have You Seen the Colors

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Metronomy Comes to America!

The great U.K. DJ, Metronomy (MySpace), who specializes in quirky, off-kilter, and sideways bouncy electro dance music, is hitting up the East Coast of the U.S. starting on August 3 and finishing up the following Saturday (full schedule below).

It's really exciting to have Metronomy -- who has done plenty of his own solo material along with loads of remixes, from Franz Ferdinand to Kate Nash to Architecture In Helsinki -- arrive on our shores, so for those of you over in the Northeast, be certain to check this guy out!

Also, keep an eye out for his tour diary which will be published here at BiBaBiDi. For now, get fueled up with an old Metronomy standby, "Trick or Treatz."
Metronomy - Trick or Treatz3-Aug FRI Hartford, CT Sweet Janes
4-Aug SAT Washington, DC ROCK'N'ROLL HOTEL
5-Aug Sun Driving Day
6-Aug Mon Minneapolis, MN LORING PARK
7-Aug TUE Chicago, IL Funky Buddha Lounge
8-Aug WED Detroit, MI Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit
9-Aug THU Pittsburgh, PA The Andy Warhol Museum
10-Aug FRI Manhattan, NY South Street Seaport Festival
10-Aug FRI Brooklyn, NY Studio B
11-Aug SAT Philadelphia, PA Pure

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Anyone or any group that places a tremendous emphasis on the conceptual framework of their product always intrigues me. Whether it's the way in which a new good is marketed or the intrigue of the historical background or the multitude of references, I'm a sucker for the mystical and high-brow.

St. Paul's Amasser, then, is the perfect band for me. Here's a snippet from the lovely press message I received from the group:
The goal was always to arrive at structured songs, but most of the sounds discovered during the process were more or less spontaneous. Amassing tracks in this way – following instinct and curiosity – meant committing to a moment's vitality.

Cool? They're music lives up to the hype they developed themselves. The songs of the LP, Legal Wall, are an ethereal blend of pop-structured electronic experimental binges with a twist of shoegaze and post-punk. There's an organic underlying form to everything, but the robotic beats and supplemental synthetic melodies make for a very interesting mixture and sublime combination; the sweet and the harsh; the cold and restrained with the warm and free.

Check it out below! Cool stuff, I'd say!
Amasser - Kilo Binge
Amasser - Data Clip Rig
Amasser - Persona System

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Unklejam Remixed by Lo-Fi-Fnk

unklejam remixed
I'd never heard of this UK Maroon 5 imprint, Unklejam (MySpace) until I got my hands on a rad remix of their song, "Stereo," by Lo-Fi-Fnk.

I'd say Unklejam is pretty unremarkable alone. They sound sort of like a watered down version of Scissor Sisters or a sarcastic rendition of the pop soul of certain bands today. I can't tell if these guys are serious or just screwing around, and that irritates me for some reason.

Anyway, the Lo-Fi-Fnk remix is great. Like a prog version of the original tune: meticulous and catchy yet sort of eerie and creepy synths lead the melody while a repetitious keyboard and thick bass line constructs the rhythm and drone sense of this track. It's good, although the vocals and remnants of the original song are completely washed out. Oh well ...
Check it out below!
Unklejam - Stereo (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix)

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Fubiz Broadcast #23

I know very, very little about this French blog called Fubiz, but whatever the hell they're doing, it's rad.

The blog's goal and underlying motif is very vague, but I guess they write about anything relating loosely to pop culture. Additionally, they release these podcast mixes that tend to be really awesome. So check out the latest one here or just grab the mp3 below! Awesome tracklist, eh?
Fubiz Broadcast #23
* Matias Aguayo - Radiotaxi
* Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Mr Oizo Remix)
* Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism Remix)
* Mylo - Paris Four Hundred (Etienne de Crecy Remix)
* Terry Poison - Ballroom (DatA Remix)
* Redshape - Dogday
* Play Paul - Once U Go
* Kaskade - Sorry (Dirty South Mix)
* Kid Alex - Loverboy
* Boys Noize - Don't Believe The Hype (Surkin Mix)
* Oliver Huntemann - Radio (Oliver Koletzky Remix)
* Terry Poison - Synthetic Harmonizer (Don Rimini Remix)
* Modjo - Lady (White Label Whoo Mix)
* Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tiga Remix)
* Disconnection - Loft Music (My Only Love)

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Elias & the Wizzkids

elias & the wizzkids
The best music for me supersedes genre and classification: anything that'll evoke good memories and hope and truth in me is worth my time, no matter what the setting or backdrop. Elias & the Wizzkids (MySpace) is one such band. I don't even want to describe these Swedish chaps with constraining words like swing and folk and soul (all of which would be accurate though, I guess). They're just special and precious, and that should be enough.

Hold on to Elias & the Wizzkids. The four-piece sings charming songs about charming things with charming similes and metaphors with charming harmonies and harmonicas and driving bass lines to accompany the whole production. An utterly charming and endearing band, to say the least.

This stuff sounds like it's decades old, maybe a lost artifact from the singin' folksy 60s or something. The cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" is spectacular. It's a refreshing update -- in a very old way -- of the rather bland song (sorry Gallagher fans). I can't get enough of "The Dance," and "Autumn Leaves" is just so, so sweet ... I just want to lay on my bed and curl up, listening to it for the whole day.
Coming from me, such complimentary words are rare: I'm not one to be taken in by something as soft and pretty as Elias & the Wizzkids' music, but I've become a sucker for these guys.
Enough? Dig in and buy The Dance EP!
Elias & the Wizzkids - The Dance
Elias & the Wizzkids - Wonderwall
Elias & the Wizzkids - Autumn Leaves

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Monomen is a quartet from Sörumsand, Norway; literally, they came out of nowhere. But what a welcomed arrival they ought to receive!

Imagine a sort of Eurythmics-meets-Gary Numan-meets-Flock of Seagull-meets-Soft Cell. Or something along those lines. These guys are all 80s synth-driven dance music. Their stoic, confident vocals contrast with the daintier arrangements featured within; their driven melodies deserve to be danced to in super sweaty early 90s raves in ... Europe. Yeah, Monomen are very, very Euro, but hey, maybe that's making a comeback now. We Americans never cease to draw inspiration from those musicians dwelling across the pond ... whether it's a resurgence in the popularity of Joy Division, Siouxsie, the Cure, Echo, or -- in the case of Monomen -- the Pet Shop Boys, we will never stop looking to our eastern ancestors for guidance and inspirations.

Weirdly, you can buy the self-titled LP over at Insound ...
Monomen - Drum of Glass

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Harlem Shakes Daytrotter Sessions

harlem shakes
The wonderful blog, Daytrotter just did a session with Harlem Shakes (MySpace).
The Brooklyn-based five-piece plays a terrific sort of pop rock that reminds me of melodiousness of Chin Up Chin Up and the sincerity of the Strokes, circa 2001. Sharp yet utterly simple guitar hooks with strong bass lines and confident vocals. What a band.

Anyway, check out the Daytrotter interview and get yer hands on the version of "Red Right Hands" they did for the blog below. Oh, and pick up their stellar Burning Birthdays EP right here.
Harlem Shakes - Red Right Hands (Daytrotter Session)

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Chromeo Remixed by Etienne de Crecy

I never quite got Chromeo (MySpace), the Montreal-based electro duo. Super sleazy funky rhythms and bass lines with equally sleazy lyrics to match; uber-synthetic beats, vocoders, and watered-down throwback synth lines that culminate into a big pile of ... not a whole lot for me, frankly.

But from what I understand, a lot, a lot, a lot of people dig these two, so I'm delivering a pretty damn good remix of the track "Tenderoni" from Fancy Footwork done by Etienne de Crecy. Mr. de Crecy is primarily known for minimalist house music, so his more sophisticated twist on "Tenderoni" is needed here ... makes the whole production and song seem more worthwhile and just better to me. (What the hell is tenderoni, anyway?)

Compare and contrast below ...
Chromeo - Tenderoni (Etienne de Crecy Remix)
Chromeo - Tenderoni

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Terrific Tuesdays: Talking Heads

talking heads
While there's little to say about Talking Heads that you don't already know or just don't care too much about at this time, a period of pop-culture saturation for David Byrne & Co., I would like to bring up a unique argument for this week's installment of "Terrific Tuesdays."

Talking Heads best album, in my opinion, was '77. The album is, yes, less distinguishable from other post-punk and art-rock albums of the late 70s and early 80s, but I think the uniqueness and bravado of Byrne's voice paired with the band's spectacularly talented rhythm section and the jumpy, poppy guitar lines ... makes up for the lack of their later acquired world music appeal.
To say the least.
With '77, Talking Heads hit on something sincere and earnest and totally new (like many other bands recording their debut), and it's ashame to me that only one song, "Psycho Killer," isn't overlooked on the LP!

"Pulled Up" is one of my favorite tunes from the album. Clean and crisp guitar melodies lead the way in the bobby earnest track with a dance-y appeal and cute, yet meaningful lyrics. Perhaps Talking Heads just tried too hard with their follow-up efforts; tried to make everything a tremendous production musically, lyrically, stylistically, and so on. While many records after the first were worthwhile and excellent, none captured the life and energy and excitement contained within '77.
Talking Heads - Pulled Up

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The Heavy

the heavy
It's official: good old fashioned rock 'n' roll is back in vogue! The R&B infused and blues-based material that inspired the Stones and early garage rockers is making a comeback ... with groups like the Bees to the Black Lips to King Khan and a plethora of other groups from our recent past.

The newest player -- at least on the U.K. side of things -- is the Heavy (MySpace), a rough trio from South London that is equal parts Rolling Stones and blues men like Howlin' Wolf with a little bit of Funkadelic on top and an afterthought of Neil Young.
I like it.

They released a single with the below track, "That Kind of Man," as the a-side, with a debut LP to follow, Great Vengeance & Furious Fire, in late October. Get on these three ... !
the Heavy - That Kind of Man

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Shout Out Louds @ the El Rey, 7.19.07

shout out louds
The Swedes are truly breaking into America now ... and about time! Attending Shout Out Loud's Los Angeles show was like going to a Maroon 5 show or something. It was bizarrely filled by a rather homogeneous crew of frat guys, their "cute" blonde arm warmers, and a slew of little hipster kids.
But hey -- that's what breaking in is all about ...

The show itself was lots of fun. Shout Out Louds played -- for the most part -- on the ball and were really tight. I wish they hadn't omitted that sexy cowbell from "Impossible," and I think the set list could've been improved a little (no cimlax, really; no authentic beginning or end), but for the most part, they were rad.
The girl on synths, while very pretty, appeared to be pretty nervous and forfeited her vocal talents, too ...

I think it's funny and cute, also, how the singer looks like the Swedish equivalent of Jason Schwartzman, and how the drummer evokes Kraftwerk comparisons in my mind for some reason (grin). At points, Shout Out Louds edged dangerously close to sounding like New Order, but that's pretty cool considering how awesome that band was (duh), and it makes ya realize how catchy those bass hooks are!
If anything, the live performance was eye-opening ... seeing the five in concert made it clear to me how their seemingly minimalist pop is in actuality densely layered and delicately arranged pop at it's most accessible and genuine. Quite a band, I tell ya ...

Keep an eye out on the Anthem Magazine website (to be revamped and unveiled in the middle of August) for some rad footage we'll be getting of them tomorrow. Until then, pictures are here.
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It
Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Studio Possible Remake)

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Dragons of Zynth

dragons of zynth
As some of you may know, I was born and raised in the grand old city of Cleveland, Ohio. It was with great pleasure and excitement, then, that I found Dragons of Zynth, a futurist rock group comprised of two twins -- Aku and Akwetey (what cool names!).

"Futurist rock" is not such an adequate way to describe their sound, though. While they do subscribe to the rock style, they're a whole lot more. Listening to the LP, Coronation Thieves, is like hearing an alien rendition of some TV on the Radio with harsher, grittier vocals, more tribal and bombastic rhythms, and an electronic sort of soul music that is all at once abbrasive and utterly compelling and endearing.

The twins live in NYC currently, and were involved with all sorts o awesome stuff before forming the band ... from script supervisor for Mos Def to working at Rawkus Records. These electro-soul brothers are eclectic dudes at their core, and I love, love, love it!

This is the sort of stuff I'm looking for, man! Something that I've literally never heard before; something that's a shocker when it blasts out of my JBLs; something that will make folks reassess the way in which they approach making and listening to music. I'm not trying to say that Dragons of Zynth are the next DEVO or anything, but they're geared to shake things up pretty severely! Listen to a few sample songs below and keep an eye out for an officially released LP. It'll blow you away.
Dragons of Zynth - Breaker
Dragons of Zynth - Get Off
Dragons of Zynth - Anna Mae

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the embassy
While Service Records' the Embassy has been around for a while in Sweden -- and reaped some success, I should add! -- they've yet to full break through in America. Just like the Tough Alliance, their music goes unnoticed on this side of the Atlantic!

The Embassy has this awesome, warming quality to their stuff. It's electronic dance music -- with a clear New Order throwback in there -- but summery and light. Literally the perfect dance music for this hot season!

If you download this track, "Some Indulgence," don't be surprised by how similar to the Tough Alliance it sounds: the tune was recorded and produced by Björn Olsson/TTA. In fact, in April, the single was released with a TTA b-side ... you can buy the thing here.

Hopefully this little preview of how spectacular the group is will tide you over until you are willing to shell out the bucks for the import or until the LP, Tacking, finally gets released stateside! We've been waiting too long ... !
Embassy - Some Indulgence

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I love a concept band, and the Parisian group, Turzi is one hell of such a group ...
Fronted by Romain Turzi -- officially the rest of the band is named Reich IV -- the prog/kraut-rock improvisational ensemble is the product of many, many repeated hearings of the entire Can discography, plenty of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, some Neu!, and a good deal of early Kraftwerk. Imagine a spacier, more ethereal version of Liars, transplanted back in time say, around 1969. Perhaps that'll give you some semblance of an ideas as to who Turzi and Reich IV are ...

Romain Turzi was born in Versailles in 1979. A French mother and an Italian father from Calabria. His studies at the Sorbonne helped him discover all the record stores in the vicinity of the university. He held a couple of temporary job at record stores before deciding to pursue music full time. A will be released at the same time as the birth of his first child.

The debut album will be released on September 4 on Kemado Records, and is literally dripping with concept. The fourteen tracks all have titles that begin with the letter "A," from "Animal Signal" to "Acid Taste" to "Allah Delon" (any ideas?). Obviously, the LP is entitled A. There's no way that I'm going to be adequately able to explain how ridiculously cool Turzi is, so I advise you just read the over-the-top bio (?) right here in order to get a deeper look into the bizarre inner workings of the mind of Turzi ...
So strange. Man I'm enchanted, though ...
Turzi - Afghanistan

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Genghis Tron

genghis tron
While the Crucial Blast group, Genghis Tron (MySpace) released it's debut LP, Dead Mountain Mouth, a little over a year ago, the thing was unfortunately overlooked and deserves more press than it originally got ...

Curious as to what they sound like?
Genghis Tron is ... what you'd expect with a name like that. They're warriors going into battle, ruthlessly crushing all those in their audience, blowing our their eardrums, giving you nose bleeds from the extreme pressure ...
It's speed metal that's so high-strung, so outrageously loud and anxious that it could almost pass as sludge rock. As though by going so fast it feels almost ... slow!
So check out a new-sih song from the LP and a track from the EP and get ready for the new record!
Genghis Tron - Arms
Genghis Tron - Chapels

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HEALTH Remixed by CFCF

The spectacular L.A.-based noise quartet, HEALTH (MySpace) -- which I really just can't get enough of, I must add -- was recently remixed by a plethora of awesome artists -- from Curses! to Crystal Castles (okay, so that's an older one) -- with many more to come.

The first of these I've heard is CFCF's remix of "Triceratops," and man is it killer, killer, killer. The Quebec native has given the original track a super glitzy 80s Night Rider ride that is very not ironic to me and just terribly fun and dance-y for some reason.

The original track is hidden deep down in there, but there's just enough of it to count as a legit remix, and certainly, HEALTH should be eternally grateful for such awesome acts ... without guys like CFCF, they would be forever confined to the walls of seedy L.A. clubs and crappy venues. Check out the remix and another new CFCF track below! (Update: the CFCF remix is the final version!)
HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)
Apache Beat - Tropics (CFCF Remix)

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Terrific Tuesdays: the Monochrome Set

the monochrome set
The Monochrome Set was another group I latched on to early in my development. About the same time that I was getting into early Weezer, the Violent Femmes, Adam & the Ants, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and other such acts, I stumbled upon Strange Boutique, the debut, and best, LP.

The Monochrome Set was the brainchild of Lester Square (the guitarist) and Bid (the super square vocalist). The band rose from the ashes of the B-Sides, a band which ironically included Adam Ant, in 1976, and went on to record seven albums, a plethora of singles, and quite a few compilations, all before the final "hiatus" began in 1998 (there was a dead period, too, between 1985 and 1990).

Man did I love Strange Boutique. All sharp, clean, and crisp guitars, straightforward bass lines, goofy little synth lines, sort of primitive/tribal drumming (re: Adam & the Ants), and an overall uber-poppy yet retro vibe. It's no wonder that so many groups have adored and been inspired by the Monochrome Set: they did everything right, never reached too far, and consistently made killer hooks that you just can't resist. Currently, Bid's working on his studio side-project, Scarlet's Well a rather baroque pop group that is quite clearly a descendant of the Monochrome Set (although Bid's vocals have gotten a little flimsier).
the Monochrome Set - Lighter Side of Dating
the Monochrome Set - Puerto Rican Fence Climber

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The Glamour Remixed by Audioporno

the glamour
Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... how did two spectacular DJs pop up in ... Milwaukee of all places?! For months and months, years and years, we're hearing, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Los Angeles ... Milwaukee!

But hey -- a similar thing happened with Prince in Michigan, right? Gotta give the Glamour some cred! A lot of it! They've been doing stuff since 1999, although it wasn't until last year that they really kicked off and made something of themselves. Now I'd be lost without their poppy and fun dance-electro tunes. They're a comfortingly accessible style that is missed now that everything's gone back to -- essentially -- drum 'n bass. Heavy beats, thick bass lines, little alteration, and an overall pretty boring development and style. Throb, throb, throb.

Anyway ... Audioporno -- the Swiss DJ duo -- just recently remixed "Get In To It," and it's pretty rad! Glitchy and itching-ly dance-y, it's a fantastic remix of the original. Check it out below!
the Glamour - Get In To It (Audioporno Remix)

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New Ham Burgaz

ham burgaz
'Member that rad mash-up kid, Ham Burgaz? He's back with some more killer mash-up masterpieces that -- as he correctly remarks -- are like some new Girl Talk. I just got "I Got A Dime" in yesterday, and it's genius! The vocals from New Young Pony Club's "Ice Cream" with Klaxons' "As Above, So Below." Expertly done, incredibly catchy, and just a lot of fun overall ...

The other newbie is "One Minute To Midnight (Ham Burgaz Kryptonite Dub)" ... a combination of Justice's "One Minute to Midnight" and some Purple Ribbon.
Amazing. Dig in, guys!
Ham Burgaz - One Minute To Midnight (Ham Burgaz Kryptonite Dub)
Ham Burgaz - I Need A Dime

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Channels 3x4 New 7"

channels 3x4
The down and dirty, rough and ready punk Canadian punk trio, Channels 3X4 (signed to the never-ceases-to-impress label, Summer Lovers Unlimited) just re-released an extremely limited self-titled 7" online available for download (for a limited time!) on the S.L.U. website (direct link to the file here).

I'm in love with this group. The 7" is -- as it should be -- about eleven minutes long. The unusual part is that it's nice songs long! (Yeah, they're short!)
Too often, punkier ground pass under my radar or they just don't interest me ... I've enough early punk records to fulfill my far-from-unquenchable thirst, so I don't feel too bad about missing a few obscure groups here and there.

Channels 3X4 is not to be missed, though! They're produced by the spectacular Johnny Jewel (half of Glass Candy/producer for that band as well as Chromatics). (Although the self-titled 7" is a year old, was recorded at home, and has nothing to do with Jewel.) The bizarre, dub-infused post-punk leanings of Jewel add a unique and compelling element to Channels 3X4 that I can't pass up. They're brash, abrupt, and in-your-face, certainly, but ... it's like listening to the Unicorns doing punk stuff. It's sincere and earnest and by no means fake or superficial. These dudes just love what they're doing and are dedicated to making music that's completely worthwhile.
Listen to this, a sample of their older stuff, and it'll be hard to pass up getting into the new, cleaner tunes.

For the sake of my bandwidth, I'm going to skip posting any tracks, but you all should really check the thing out! Below is the link to the file again ...
Channels 3X4 Self-titled 7"

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Klaxons, 7.10 @ the El Rey

klaxons live
Klaxons came back to the United States for another tour (it'd only been two and a half months!), and I was fortunate enough to catch them in Los Angeles, sit down for dinner, and see the spectacular show!

(As an aside, there will be footage of the whole hang-out/dinner with the band at Anthem Magazine's site where we're debuting a new series of impromptu/unorthodox/unusual filmed non-interviews with bands ... Klaxons will be the first.)

The venue was packed, packed, packed -- I've never seen anything like it at the El Rey! -- and man the crowd was wild. If anything, the group was 200 times more on the ball than their previous LA performance: a bafflingly tight show, which is rare with a group like Klaxons or any band for that matter!
The four members were also more showy: never did they stay too rigid or stand in the same place for too long, and Simon in particular couldn't stay over in his "area" of the stage, running back and forth between his mic and the drum stand while still finding time to reach out to the audience for a group tugging and grabbing.
The set list included plenty o' hits -- from "Golden Skans" to "Two Receivers" to "Not Over Yet" -- to old standbys like "The Bouncer." It was well paced and expertly done. Indeed, Klaxons have sky-rocketed up my list of favorites. For those of you who only heard the remixes or paid little attention to the album, Myths of the Near Future, I highly recommend going back and hearing the thing in its entirety. It's a beautifully produced and structured piece that works spectacularly as an album in its own right and truly is noteworthy of setting the stage for a bona fide Next Big Thing.

Check out the pictures I took here.
Klaxons - Hall of Records (James Ford Session)
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Black Session)

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Citay (MySpace) plays what is, in the truest sense, your stereotypical folksy, psych-rock from San Francisco. The most genuine, sincere, and endearing; the sweetest rhythm guitar-driven melodies and serene flute and simple, flowing orchestral lines.
Every once in a while, Citay breaks a little more free, whipping out the electric guitars, repeating the refrain and chorus with more vigor and energy, and occasionally throwing in more unusual elements (for psych-rock) some beach-y harmonies and baroque-ish guitar noodling.

Anyway. The group recently joined Dead Oceans and -- I'd assume -- is prepping something ...
Originally the studio project of Ezra Feinberg, Citay has evolved into a full-fledged eight piece band who have performed alongside like-minded space travelers such as Vetiver, Six Organs of Admittance, the Fucking Champs, and Danava.
Citay - Seasons Don't Fear the Year
Citay - Nice Cuffs
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Manilla Crescent

manilla crescent
To me, there's always been something I can't quite place that makes British moody music different than the American counterpart. These are all guesses and assumptions, but I feel like British shoegaze and folksier stuff is tenser, more nervous and under spoken. That's not to say that Americans don't do it, too, but whenever I hear a British band play shoegaze, atmospheric, sad stuff ... I imagine the singer trying to look up from his shoes, trying to stop the warble. We just keep staring at the ground ...

Does that make any sense?
Manilla Crescent is one such U.K. group. Everything off their debut LP, Social Engineering, sounds as though it was recorded in a cold, dank room, a storm brewing up outside. The frail vocals matched with the Pixies-esque alternative rock-y sort of guitar work and grung-y framework ... make for really compelling songs that you can't help but feel are truly from the heart; terribly sincere ...

Check out some of the tracks below!
Manilla Crescent - By Yourself
Manilla Crescent - Gone
Manilla Crescent - Not Really Here

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Fire Engines

fire engines
Fire Engines (MySpace) was another one of those post-punk bands that gained most notoriety twenty years or so after they recorded anything, after they should've made the impact! (It's really ashame to see this happen so much, but at least they're revered now, I suppose.)

The Edinburgh-based group played a very angular, very rough, very sharp and angst-y breed of post-punk that was reminiscent of early punk groups from Britain as well as more artsy types like Gang of Four, Wire, Siouxsie and the Banshees, A Certain Ratio, Delta 5 ...
For the most part, their stuff is pretty damn hard to digest, but it's clear that they were seminal by their accenting, angular guitar that would stick out through the vocals like daggers; their pseudo-funky simple bass lines and cacophonist drumming ...

Loads of bands have noted Fire Engines when discussing musical inspirations and admirations. Franz Ferdinand has most notoriously pointed this out (I think that's the main reason why they're so "big" now), but the sound and style is mimicked and built upon by other groups like Maximo Park, Liars, Deerhoof, and a plethora of others.

Anyway. Acute is releasing a compilation of old stuff by the band on October 2 called Hungry Beat. Check out this spectacular footage from 1982 here, too!
Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash

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Fresh Fried Fries

fresh fried fries
The other day, I wrote about Ham Burgaz ...
Now I've discovered one of his Victoria, Canada DJ comrades, Fresh Fried Fries.

Makes sense, eh? Fries and a hamburger. I mean ... some Ham Burgaz with a side of Fresh Fried Fries.

Anyway, this guy's good. Stylistically, he holds quite a lot in common with Ham Burgaz: super quick-cut and edited dance music that's been mashed-up to death. At a time when I'm really, really tired of Girl Talk, stuff like this seems oddly fresh even though it's essentially the same. I think it's partially because people still like music that's recognizable -- that's half the fun of mash-ups! -- but there's a new tendency to dance to music that'll literally give you what appears to be epileptic seizures ...

So Fresh Fried Fries and Ham Burgaz are awesome for that reason.
I'm not sure how old either of the dudes are, but I'm assuming their reasonably young, which just makes their uber-agile skills all the more impressive. These guys have chops that most DJs wish they had but are still hammering away at. Many, many props from me ...
Fresh Fried Fries - Throw It Back (Slim Thug / Bass Is Kicking)
Fresh Fried Fries - Daft Wamp (The Clipse / Da Funk)
Fresh Fried Fries - Younger Bloodz (Young Bloodz / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)
Fresh Fried Fries - Overnight Justice (Twista/ Waters Of Nazareth)

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The Sky Drops

the sky drops
The Sky Drops (MySpace) is a wonderful psych-pop group from ... Delaware (Wayne's World flashback here).

The guy/girl duo plays delightful pop tunes awash in tight harmonies, heavy, thick, and dense shoe-gaze guitar melodies, and an underlying garage feel that is hard to resist.
It's bubblegum yet hard; rugged and loose yet clean and crisp. I love music like this ... stuff that's all over the map and that can't make up its mind, but in the confusion and haze, something special and catchy is yielded ...

The two released an EP, Clouds of People a little while back and now have two new tracks -- "Sentimental" and "Million" -- available for download, too! ... check them out and buy the actual release!
the Sky Drops - Sentimental
the Sky Drops - Million
the Sky Drops - Hang On
the Sky Drops - Now Would Be
the Sky Drops - Green to Red

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Santa Dads

santa dads
It's been creeping up on us now ... Baltimore is the new hip city to be living and performing in.
Starting with Animal Collective (who left before it got rad!), Baltimore is where Dan Deacon, WZT Hearts, Ponytail, Beach House, and many others call home. I think the Police are from Baltimore. Also, Peter Hook bought a mansion in the uh ... woods o' Baltimore recently, too.

Santa Dads is another group based in Baltimore, and, as with pretty much every other Baltimore band, they sound totally in a world of their own and unlike any of their neighbors. While there's definitely something very folksy and free about Santa Dads' music that does indeed remind me a little of some of the chiller Animal Collective tracks, they're like Paul McCartney to Boredoms. (Bad way to describe their sound?)

I love it:
We, The Santa Dads, create music through voice, multivocular technique, ukulele, trumpet, and the occasional french horn and organ. We create to express our philosophical, metaphysical, scientific, and religious understandings; more specifically, our perceptions, conceptions, and experience of existence, time, information, and the spirits. Namely, we are Joshua Kelberman & Connor Kizer.

So apparently Dan Deacon told them to make a band together? Interesting. Get a few tracks below!
Santa Dads - Open Portals
Santa Dads - Victory
Santa Dads - The Lion Song

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Terrific Tuesdays

Let's see if this goes anywhere.
I've been itching to post some older stuff for ages now. I used to do it, but it's been a while ... recently I've been dwelling only on the new stuff, and I wish to remember the older. Certainly, I don't just listen to day-old tunes ... in fact, I frequently go back to the oldies and classics, songs from my childhood and younger years, tracks that bring back memories and feelings ...

Enough with the sappy, here's an old one.
Oddly enough, Plastics' album Welcome Back was the first LP I ever owned. I think I simultaneously received the complete Yellow Magic Orchestra discography (pre-1983), but Plastics was on top. What a fantastic band. Even more strange, I got the vinyl from the contractor who was redoing our kitchen and living room ...

I dove into my father's post-punk catalogs, magazines, books, and record collection after hearing Y.M.O. and Plastics, so clearly, this Japanese five-piece has a very, very special place in my heart. Everyone compares them to the B-52s -- which is well founded! -- but I think Plastics may have released something before the B-52s ever did ...
Check me on that one?

Tycoon Tosh was the mastermind behind Plastics. After the band disjointed, he went on to form Watermelon, Melon, and many other fabulous groups, all of similar quality and style. In fact, he even did something with Maki Nomiya (from P5) and others ... appropriately named Plastic Sex.

Read all you'd ever want to know about Plastics and anything related here.
Anyway, enjoy these songs.
Plastics - Diamond Head
Plastics - Top Secret Man
Plastics - Copy

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Ham Burgaz

ham burgaz
Over the weekend, I saw Ocelot (MySpace), a Canadian DJ duo (not true, but for the sake of my point, we'll say it's true ... Ocelot hails from Austin and Leeds of all place ... in the middle? Canada). Canada is slowly but surely becoming the hot DJ place ... first MSTRKRFT started the revolution, now it's being followed up by a plethora of DJs, filling the Justice/Ed Banger void now that the Frenchmen have returned to their motherland.

Anyway. Ham Burgaz is one such rad hailing-from-Canada acts that actually sounds a lot like MSTRKRFT or something of that variety. The beats and melodies cut into your ears and render your legs completely useless, only able to wiggle and twist to the rhythms and underlying catchyness.

Like ... one track is Three 6 Mafia mashed with Digitalism ("Sippin' On Some Pogo (Ham Burgaz Blend)") ... another one, called "Pop, Lock, and Drop It with DatA (Ham Burgaz Mix)," is a blend of, well, you can guess what! Everything the guy does is fresh and loads of fun; so invigorated, so eager and excited ...
How does he do it!? Check this stuff out and uh ... book Ham Burgaz or something!
Pop, Lock, and Drop It with DatA (Ham Burgaz Mix)
Sippin' On Some Pogo (Ham Burgaz Blend)

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Dandi Wind

dandi wind
Summer Lovers Unlimited can simply do no wrong ... from Crystal Castles to the Teenagers to the Tough Alliance to Twin Crystals and Dandi Wind (MySpace).

The duo has been releasing severe, dark and gloomy, beat-heavy pseudo-rap dance tracks for a few years, releasing the debut LP, Concrete Igloo, way back in early 2006. Now they're prepping a brand-spankin'-new album, Yolk of the Golden Egg, and I couldn't be more excited! The two will be coming to the U.S. towards the end of the summer/beginning of fall, and what an excellent way to usher the cold (?) season in, I say!

Dandi Wind is bouncy beats below raspy, and yeah, sort of creepy vocals; hockey and sort of eerie melodies mixed with fun and funky bass lines and hand claps. Listening to them is confusing and baffling, but too much fun ... they'll keep you guessing, dancing, and a little hesitant to approach them too close ...
Dandi Wind - Mafu Cage (Mafu Remix)
Dandi Wind - Apotemnophilia
Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory

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Weekend Mix: Beaner

I was just tipped off to this guy, Beaner's very enigmatic, mysterious existence and absolutely wonderful minimalist German electronic dance music.

The guy moved to Berlin a couple years back and has taken the scene by storm, playing various clubs and events, getting in with the Tigerbeat and C.L.A.W.S. cats, and just generally wrecking havoc. I love it. I've been thinking about going back to Berlin for quite some time now, and in all honesty, Beaner's music and mixes are the final straw: I must return now, that is very, very clear ...

In addition to an EP that he's currently working on, Beaner has released a few mixes, all of which are spectacular (although, I must admit, I've only heard this one ... )
So check out all the stuff below, get on the Beaner bandwagon, and have something good to pump out of those flashy JBLs this weekend!
Beaner - War Vs. Sleep Raver Mix
Beaner - Return to Vila San Bonobo
Beaner - Vila San Bonobo

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Since I live in Los Angeles, it's incredibly refreshing to see so many successful acts coming from the city in the recent past (and I don't just mean Rooney and Maroon 5!) ... from No Age to the Mae Shi to Mika Miko ... LA has quite a lot to offer sonically. (True, most of it's pretty abbrasive, rough, and noisy, but how can one complain when it's all done so friggin' skillfully?!)

HEALTH (MySpace) has been recording and playing for a few years now, and finally they're ready to drop the debut, self-titled longplayer (due out on Lovepump United Records). The LP is phenomenal ... a genius foray into the world of noise music with a freshness and adventurousness that we all need.

Sure, the album's full of sharp and jagged edges, shredded and torn bits and pieces, harsh synths and meticulous sped drumming like oh so many noise albums, but HEALTH embraces noise in a more cautious, sophisticated manner. Instead of going balls out and wrecking havoc on every one of their precious instruments, they instead play around with BBC ribbon microphones from the 30s, explore the possibilities of instrumental dynamics between drums, synths, guitars, and other mysterious sound makers ...

The record is dissonance and eerie wailing, crys for help, pleads for mercy, jumps of joy, punches at your ears, jabs at your chest ... making it more vocal than most non-instrumental albums tend to be.

Many of you many know the song, "Crimewave," that they did with Crystal Castles ... now there are many more remixes on the way, from Curses! to Acid Girls to Pink Skull. Get pumped and keep an avid eye out for these guys (and more to come on BiBaBiDi!) ...
HEALTH - Glitter Pills
HEALTH - Heaven
Crystal Castles Vs. HEALTH - Crimewave

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Nightclubbing Mix

nightclubbing party
Tim Sweeney -- AKA half of DFA/Beats In Space -- apparently has another club night coming up on July 27 in Portland, Oregon. (These parties have featured folks like Hot Chip, Glass Candy, Chromatics ... )
I just got the new "Nightclubbing Part Mix" today and have been listening to it nonstop, moving from the shower to the refrigerator, to the stove, sweeping a little here and there, all the while listening to this wonderful mix.

The party -- cleverly (?) dubbed Nightclubbing Party -- is especially exciting for me since the French (I'm looking at you, Justice/Ed Banger) and other European DJs have finally cleared out of the States. Not to say anything they do is bad -- I love it! -- but I'm just tired of hearing something that I don't feel too connected to; something that only serves as a quick dance fix or pump-up ...

Sweeney's mix is phenomenal. A dark mixture of disco tunes, spacey other dance musics, rhythmic-y world music of a sort, and an overall mystical, mysterious gloss that no on but Sweeney/DFA can provide us with.
I'm certain that the party will be even more spectacular, but until then, just jam out to this mix. Hopefully I can check it out as I may be in Portland later in July ...
Nightclubbing Party Mix

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Channels 3x4

channels 3x4
As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Chromatics and Glass Candy, the dark disco/dub groups from Portland and Seattle respectively. I'm also a big fan of Summer Lovers Unlimited, the label that's releasing the Tough Alliance in America, Dandi Wind, Crystal Castles, and ... Channels 3x4!

So -- what do Chromatics, Glass Candy, and Channels 3x4 all have in common? Why do I bring those three up specifically!? The alien, warped mind of soon-to-be notorious Johnny Jewel served production duties for all three bands! (He's also half of Glass Candy.)

However, Channels 3x4 shares almost nothing in common with the other two groups. Whereas Chromatics and Glass Candy are all reserved demon disco and funky, uber-slow dub vibes, Channels 3x4 is speed punk at it's finest. The "West Canada" trio is all about abruptness. They're rupture any beat and guitar line with a sharp rhythmic sensibility and harsh female vocals (more like spitting). The occasional organ line carries the "melody" for most tunes, but saying that any one song has a "hook" would be a bit of a lie.
Regardless, Channels 3x4 are very, very rad and with their eleven-minute EP, Christian Girls Like to Get Cut, they'll get you jumping about like a lunatic in no time.
Channels 3x4 - Boys
Channels 3x4 - Jesus

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The Sonic Hearts

the sonic hearts
Music from Britain will never cease to befuddle me. The good and the bad is continually washed out, washed away by the hyped and over-exposed and trendy. I'm not sure how the audiences over there can keep on top of it all and genuinely keep their interest whet ... but they managed, so more props to 'em!

The Sonic Hearts (MySpace) are a group that, to me, seems to surpass such patterns, though (I enjoy this stuff for being unique and separate). The Liverpool five-piece has a knack for moody melodies, heartwarming lyrics and harmonies, and an overall especially endearing and sincere lo-fi foundation that they build up from, fill out, and energize.

It's as though the Orange Juice/Aztec Camera guys got a bigger budget, an organ, and wanted something a little more summer-y, even cuter.
Hey -- I fell for it. What about you all?
the Sonic Hearts - When You're In Love (demo)

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Happy Fourth of July!

fourth of july
Ahh ... Independence Day. While it unfortunately falls on a Wednesday this week, I'm happy to receive any real time off. I am sure everyone else is, too, so live it up!

I'm hoping to resume posting on Thursday (so there will be no break), but I've really gotta see how keen I am on getting back into stuff and, on top of that, posting more on the blog ...
So we shall see.

But enjoy the short break, anyway, and don't burn anything down! (I'm a little nervous that something's going to go wrong tomorrow and another forest fire with ensue.)
Drink up, relax, refresh, replenish your energy, and uh ... save a lot of money when you waste all your time shopping?

One of the posts I'm putting up today marks the 800th for BiBaBiDi! That's very exciting to me, in addition to remembering our first day of Rebellion.
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Artanker Convoy

artanker convoy
I was just watching Easy Rider, so now it seems oddly fitting to write about Artanker Convoy, a six-piece signed to the Social Registry.

The Convoy's sound is like walking into "a swinging sixties party ... the music is just flowing throughout the room. Their deep grooves have the whole scene flowing and everybody is vibing on the same current."
This stuff is like the free jazz of the 60s combined with the nosier, grittier and experimental stuff coming out of the New York scene right now (and the Social Registry as a whole for that matter).
It sounds like all red lights and smoky rooms with plush carpets and silent, psychedelic dancing ... this stuff is mood music at its most literal and most forgotten.

Check out the below two tracks and pick the album, Cozy Endings, up while you're gettin' down!
Artanker Convoy - Ejector
Artanker Convoy - The Happy Minotaur

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Spokane (MySpace) is a wonderful Jagjaguwar band, currently prepping for the release of Little Hours, the sort-of-duo's fifth full-length.

The Richmond, Virginia band's album is an atypical summer release ... all muggy, folksy, and atmospheric in quality, depressing in lyrical content, and rather dark and eerie overall. If you're looking for a pick me up, Spokane is not the band to look to.

That being said, though, the album's fantastic. The sound is so reserved, so hesitant, so cautiously beautiful. No beat, no note is lacking this nervous, yet deliberate sound ... it's as though every song is on the verge of falling apart, but with the extreme concentration and wherewithal that Spokane have, everything's seamlessly strung together.

So get the album after being hooked in by "Thankless Marriage," a wonderful track plopped right in the middle of the album. Wonderfully depressing and sad, but oh so warm and calming ...
Spokane - Thankless Marriage

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Audioporno's Top of the Pops 4

audioporno's top of the pops
The stellar Swiss DJ duo, Audioporno, just released the best ever -- and fourth -- mix from their Top of the Pop series.
The duo is gritty and bouncy and just electro-y enough to get me dancing but not too abbrasive and harsh that I just get a migraine. (Although the two do really enjoy looping vocals which isn't always the coolest thing to do on the dance floor ... )

Anyway, here's the mix with the track list below! Enjoy this summer more!
Audioporno - Top of the Pops 4

20 Fingers/Short Dick Man (Shino rmx)
Twista ft. Pharrell/Give It Up
Bonde Do Role/Marina Do Bairro
The Glamour/Get Into It
Terry Lynn/Kingstonlogic
Stink Mitt/Pimp It
Shy Child/NWS (Buraka Som Sistema rmx)
Pase Rock/Sexy MF (E-Marces“fuckin’ in the shower“ overnoise edit)
Pharoahe Monch/Body Baby (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden rmx)
Bonde Do Role/Office Boy (Shir Kahn rmx)
Bobmo/To The Bobmobile
Sebastien Tellier/Chivers As A Female
Spektrum/Kinda New (Ditry South 07 rmx)
Van Rivers/Kill The Disco (Meaty minimal dub mix)
Philipe De Boyar/Future Now
DatA/Aerius Light

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The Myrmidons

the myrmidons
The Myrmidons (MySpace) are a great duo from New York City. Ted Ottaviano and Lauren Johnson -- two thirds of the group -- met at art school, made a group called Book of Love, recorded five albums and released a dozen 12"s (!), and then drifted their separate ways (Ted pursued production jobs with Fleetwood Mac, Hole, and Madonna while Lauren continued the music thing in addition to video and photography work).

However, the end of Book of Love was not the end of Ted and Lauren. The two are now with Lori Lindsay and working under the name the Myrmidons, a sort of fun indie-pop group with plenty of shiny production and hooky melodies combined with a rough-edged garage sound thanks to Lori's awesome fuzzy guitar and straightedge vocals.

A little bit girl group, a little bit garage, a little bit indie rock, but overall a lot of fun! These tunes'll keep you moving and enchanted with their cuter and more soothing melodic qualities and their grittier beats and bass lines. A fantastic combination of sounds and styles that I couldn't be more thankful for!
the Myrmidons - Clap (See the Stars)
the Myrmidons - Dirty Secret

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Go Go Charlton

go go charlton
Go Go Charlton (MySpace) is a very new, very sexy four-piece from Paris, France. If you're looking for a sort of loungier, ballad-y version of the Strokes, Go Go Charlton is the band you need to start listening to!

Just look at their names! Olivier, Guillaume, Nicolas, Stobal! You can't get a whole lot cooler than these lads!
And, fittingly, this is how they describe themselves:
Inspired by English surroundings Go Go Charlton smells like the cigarettes that you share, the beer that you drop when toasting and some noble sweat: the sweat emitted by warmth of friends. In UK it could have been a Manchester pub where New Order or The Smiths played for fun. In France it would be Patrick Dewaere negligently laughing on a soccer field. But it's mostly about music, about friends staying up late and about some heroic gigs.

Sonically, they're not anything too new, but they're a lot of fun, and that's what's got me interested. In a time of musical stagnation in France -- unless you're looking to dance to Justice and the imitators -- Go Go Charlton is fresh and good news, so check out the single "Your Son" and enjoy them as much as I am!
Go Go Charlton - Your Son

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