Terrific Tuesdays: Talking Heads

talking heads
While there's little to say about Talking Heads that you don't already know or just don't care too much about at this time, a period of pop-culture saturation for David Byrne & Co., I would like to bring up a unique argument for this week's installment of "Terrific Tuesdays."

Talking Heads best album, in my opinion, was '77. The album is, yes, less distinguishable from other post-punk and art-rock albums of the late 70s and early 80s, but I think the uniqueness and bravado of Byrne's voice paired with the band's spectacularly talented rhythm section and the jumpy, poppy guitar lines ... makes up for the lack of their later acquired world music appeal.
To say the least.
With '77, Talking Heads hit on something sincere and earnest and totally new (like many other bands recording their debut), and it's ashame to me that only one song, "Psycho Killer," isn't overlooked on the LP!

"Pulled Up" is one of my favorite tunes from the album. Clean and crisp guitar melodies lead the way in the bobby earnest track with a dance-y appeal and cute, yet meaningful lyrics. Perhaps Talking Heads just tried too hard with their follow-up efforts; tried to make everything a tremendous production musically, lyrically, stylistically, and so on. While many records after the first were worthwhile and excellent, none captured the life and energy and excitement contained within '77.
Talking Heads - Pulled Up