Santa Dads

santa dads
It's been creeping up on us now ... Baltimore is the new hip city to be living and performing in.
Starting with Animal Collective (who left before it got rad!), Baltimore is where Dan Deacon, WZT Hearts, Ponytail, Beach House, and many others call home. I think the Police are from Baltimore. Also, Peter Hook bought a mansion in the uh ... woods o' Baltimore recently, too.

Santa Dads is another group based in Baltimore, and, as with pretty much every other Baltimore band, they sound totally in a world of their own and unlike any of their neighbors. While there's definitely something very folksy and free about Santa Dads' music that does indeed remind me a little of some of the chiller Animal Collective tracks, they're like Paul McCartney to Boredoms. (Bad way to describe their sound?)

I love it:
We, The Santa Dads, create music through voice, multivocular technique, ukulele, trumpet, and the occasional french horn and organ. We create to express our philosophical, metaphysical, scientific, and religious understandings; more specifically, our perceptions, conceptions, and experience of existence, time, information, and the spirits. Namely, we are Joshua Kelberman & Connor Kizer.

So apparently Dan Deacon told them to make a band together? Interesting. Get a few tracks below!
Santa Dads - Open Portals
Santa Dads - Victory
Santa Dads - The Lion Song