New Ham Burgaz

ham burgaz
'Member that rad mash-up kid, Ham Burgaz? He's back with some more killer mash-up masterpieces that -- as he correctly remarks -- are like some new Girl Talk. I just got "I Got A Dime" in yesterday, and it's genius! The vocals from New Young Pony Club's "Ice Cream" with Klaxons' "As Above, So Below." Expertly done, incredibly catchy, and just a lot of fun overall ...

The other newbie is "One Minute To Midnight (Ham Burgaz Kryptonite Dub)" ... a combination of Justice's "One Minute to Midnight" and some Purple Ribbon.
Amazing. Dig in, guys!
Ham Burgaz - One Minute To Midnight (Ham Burgaz Kryptonite Dub)
Ham Burgaz - I Need A Dime