Monomen is a quartet from Sörumsand, Norway; literally, they came out of nowhere. But what a welcomed arrival they ought to receive!

Imagine a sort of Eurythmics-meets-Gary Numan-meets-Flock of Seagull-meets-Soft Cell. Or something along those lines. These guys are all 80s synth-driven dance music. Their stoic, confident vocals contrast with the daintier arrangements featured within; their driven melodies deserve to be danced to in super sweaty early 90s raves in ... Europe. Yeah, Monomen are very, very Euro, but hey, maybe that's making a comeback now. We Americans never cease to draw inspiration from those musicians dwelling across the pond ... whether it's a resurgence in the popularity of Joy Division, Siouxsie, the Cure, Echo, or -- in the case of Monomen -- the Pet Shop Boys, we will never stop looking to our eastern ancestors for guidance and inspirations.

Weirdly, you can buy the self-titled LP over at Insound ...
Monomen - Drum of Glass