Ham Burgaz

ham burgaz
Over the weekend, I saw Ocelot (MySpace), a Canadian DJ duo (not true, but for the sake of my point, we'll say it's true ... Ocelot hails from Austin and Leeds of all place ... in the middle? Canada). Canada is slowly but surely becoming the hot DJ place ... first MSTRKRFT started the revolution, now it's being followed up by a plethora of DJs, filling the Justice/Ed Banger void now that the Frenchmen have returned to their motherland.

Anyway. Ham Burgaz is one such rad hailing-from-Canada acts that actually sounds a lot like MSTRKRFT or something of that variety. The beats and melodies cut into your ears and render your legs completely useless, only able to wiggle and twist to the rhythms and underlying catchyness.

Like ... one track is Three 6 Mafia mashed with Digitalism ("Sippin' On Some Pogo (Ham Burgaz Blend)") ... another one, called "Pop, Lock, and Drop It with DatA (Ham Burgaz Mix)," is a blend of, well, you can guess what! Everything the guy does is fresh and loads of fun; so invigorated, so eager and excited ...
How does he do it!? Check this stuff out and uh ... book Ham Burgaz or something!
Pop, Lock, and Drop It with DatA (Ham Burgaz Mix)
Sippin' On Some Pogo (Ham Burgaz Blend)


Anonymous said…
haha, oh hamz. come check my tracks, me n Hamz are on the same level.