The World Record

the world record
I just drove up to Oregon and found myself in the car for a total of 12 hours or so without a good trip mix. Now, sitting in my hotel room, I realize I should've brought the World Record (MySpace) with me. Too late for me, but not too late for all of you!

The Los Angeles band is indie pop merged comfortably with smarter, artier rock and more lackadaisical Pavement-y sounds. These guys are good and deliver perfect summer sounds no matter what you're looking for. There's a little bit of everything within the World Record -- although, certainly, it all revolves around pop, folk, and old garage rock (think the Kinks) -- and I couldn't be more thankful for them.

I hope these guys go somewhere. They've made something really accessible, really special, and really touching. So grab a couple tracks below and get the album, Guitars Forever here!
the World Records - Get Up, Star
the World Record - We're #1


JAX said…
hey isnt that the guy from The Parson Red Heads?

now the indie pop thing makes sense...

and did you just use the word lackadaisical? hahaha

hope your having a good trip!