Channels 3x4

channels 3x4
As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Chromatics and Glass Candy, the dark disco/dub groups from Portland and Seattle respectively. I'm also a big fan of Summer Lovers Unlimited, the label that's releasing the Tough Alliance in America, Dandi Wind, Crystal Castles, and ... Channels 3x4!

So -- what do Chromatics, Glass Candy, and Channels 3x4 all have in common? Why do I bring those three up specifically!? The alien, warped mind of soon-to-be notorious Johnny Jewel served production duties for all three bands! (He's also half of Glass Candy.)

However, Channels 3x4 shares almost nothing in common with the other two groups. Whereas Chromatics and Glass Candy are all reserved demon disco and funky, uber-slow dub vibes, Channels 3x4 is speed punk at it's finest. The "West Canada" trio is all about abruptness. They're rupture any beat and guitar line with a sharp rhythmic sensibility and harsh female vocals (more like spitting). The occasional organ line carries the "melody" for most tunes, but saying that any one song has a "hook" would be a bit of a lie.
Regardless, Channels 3x4 are very, very rad and with their eleven-minute EP, Christian Girls Like to Get Cut, they'll get you jumping about like a lunatic in no time.
Channels 3x4 - Boys
Channels 3x4 - Jesus


Anonymous said…
heck yes! johnny jewel is a audio deity!
GospelDoll said…
Love 'em.