Channels 3x4 New 7"

channels 3x4
The down and dirty, rough and ready punk Canadian punk trio, Channels 3X4 (signed to the never-ceases-to-impress label, Summer Lovers Unlimited) just re-released an extremely limited self-titled 7" online available for download (for a limited time!) on the S.L.U. website (direct link to the file here).

I'm in love with this group. The 7" is -- as it should be -- about eleven minutes long. The unusual part is that it's nice songs long! (Yeah, they're short!)
Too often, punkier ground pass under my radar or they just don't interest me ... I've enough early punk records to fulfill my far-from-unquenchable thirst, so I don't feel too bad about missing a few obscure groups here and there.

Channels 3X4 is not to be missed, though! They're produced by the spectacular Johnny Jewel (half of Glass Candy/producer for that band as well as Chromatics). (Although the self-titled 7" is a year old, was recorded at home, and has nothing to do with Jewel.) The bizarre, dub-infused post-punk leanings of Jewel add a unique and compelling element to Channels 3X4 that I can't pass up. They're brash, abrupt, and in-your-face, certainly, but ... it's like listening to the Unicorns doing punk stuff. It's sincere and earnest and by no means fake or superficial. These dudes just love what they're doing and are dedicated to making music that's completely worthwhile.
Listen to this, a sample of their older stuff, and it'll be hard to pass up getting into the new, cleaner tunes.

For the sake of my bandwidth, I'm going to skip posting any tracks, but you all should really check the thing out! Below is the link to the file again ...
Channels 3X4 Self-titled 7"