Artanker Convoy

artanker convoy
I was just watching Easy Rider, so now it seems oddly fitting to write about Artanker Convoy, a six-piece signed to the Social Registry.

The Convoy's sound is like walking into "a swinging sixties party ... the music is just flowing throughout the room. Their deep grooves have the whole scene flowing and everybody is vibing on the same current."
This stuff is like the free jazz of the 60s combined with the nosier, grittier and experimental stuff coming out of the New York scene right now (and the Social Registry as a whole for that matter).
It sounds like all red lights and smoky rooms with plush carpets and silent, psychedelic dancing ... this stuff is mood music at its most literal and most forgotten.

Check out the below two tracks and pick the album, Cozy Endings, up while you're gettin' down!
Artanker Convoy - Ejector
Artanker Convoy - The Happy Minotaur