Genghis Tron

genghis tron
While the Crucial Blast group, Genghis Tron (MySpace) released it's debut LP, Dead Mountain Mouth, a little over a year ago, the thing was unfortunately overlooked and deserves more press than it originally got ...

Curious as to what they sound like?
Genghis Tron is ... what you'd expect with a name like that. They're warriors going into battle, ruthlessly crushing all those in their audience, blowing our their eardrums, giving you nose bleeds from the extreme pressure ...
It's speed metal that's so high-strung, so outrageously loud and anxious that it could almost pass as sludge rock. As though by going so fast it feels almost ... slow!
So check out a new-sih song from the LP and a track from the EP and get ready for the new record!
Genghis Tron - Arms
Genghis Tron - Chapels