Dragons of Zynth

dragons of zynth
As some of you may know, I was born and raised in the grand old city of Cleveland, Ohio. It was with great pleasure and excitement, then, that I found Dragons of Zynth, a futurist rock group comprised of two twins -- Aku and Akwetey (what cool names!).

"Futurist rock" is not such an adequate way to describe their sound, though. While they do subscribe to the rock style, they're a whole lot more. Listening to the LP, Coronation Thieves, is like hearing an alien rendition of some TV on the Radio with harsher, grittier vocals, more tribal and bombastic rhythms, and an electronic sort of soul music that is all at once abbrasive and utterly compelling and endearing.

The twins live in NYC currently, and were involved with all sorts o awesome stuff before forming the band ... from script supervisor for Mos Def to working at Rawkus Records. These electro-soul brothers are eclectic dudes at their core, and I love, love, love it!

This is the sort of stuff I'm looking for, man! Something that I've literally never heard before; something that's a shocker when it blasts out of my JBLs; something that will make folks reassess the way in which they approach making and listening to music. I'm not trying to say that Dragons of Zynth are the next DEVO or anything, but they're geared to shake things up pretty severely! Listen to a few sample songs below and keep an eye out for an officially released LP. It'll blow you away.
Dragons of Zynth - Breaker
Dragons of Zynth - Get Off
Dragons of Zynth - Anna Mae