Nightclubbing Mix

nightclubbing party
Tim Sweeney -- AKA half of DFA/Beats In Space -- apparently has another club night coming up on July 27 in Portland, Oregon. (These parties have featured folks like Hot Chip, Glass Candy, Chromatics ... )
I just got the new "Nightclubbing Part Mix" today and have been listening to it nonstop, moving from the shower to the refrigerator, to the stove, sweeping a little here and there, all the while listening to this wonderful mix.

The party -- cleverly (?) dubbed Nightclubbing Party -- is especially exciting for me since the French (I'm looking at you, Justice/Ed Banger) and other European DJs have finally cleared out of the States. Not to say anything they do is bad -- I love it! -- but I'm just tired of hearing something that I don't feel too connected to; something that only serves as a quick dance fix or pump-up ...

Sweeney's mix is phenomenal. A dark mixture of disco tunes, spacey other dance musics, rhythmic-y world music of a sort, and an overall mystical, mysterious gloss that no on but Sweeney/DFA can provide us with.
I'm certain that the party will be even more spectacular, but until then, just jam out to this mix. Hopefully I can check it out as I may be in Portland later in July ...
Nightclubbing Party Mix


privacyglass said…
hey there.
this isn't Tim Sweeney's mix.
It's a mix by the hosts of Nightclubbing, Linger & Quiet.
Shawn Khan said…
What is the tracklisting? I know what most of them are I just can't find the last two songs anywhere.