Samara Lubelski

samara lubelski
I cannot get over how amazing a label The Social Registry is. Every single move the company makes is thought through and aligns with its core principles. ("Modern music. Antiquated ideals.") While it's only been around for four years (!), The Social Registry's roster is absolutely amazing ... from Gang Gang Dance to Blood On the Wall to Psychic Ills, it's all solid gold.

And now, Samara Lubelski (MySpace) is prepping the release of her third album, Parallel Suns, which comes out October 3.
Lubelski is a chilling woman. While she's tremendously talented and clearly sings from a warm heart, her music conveys something contrary; something eerie and spooky; something almost too clean and precise. It's a breed of psychedelic folk music that you'll never hear from anyone but Lubelski, and it's hard to ignore that utter uniqueness.

Check out one of the tunes from the LP below and buy it when it's up for pre-order.
Samara Lubelski - Have You Seen the Colors