The Heavy

the heavy
It's official: good old fashioned rock 'n' roll is back in vogue! The R&B infused and blues-based material that inspired the Stones and early garage rockers is making a comeback ... with groups like the Bees to the Black Lips to King Khan and a plethora of other groups from our recent past.

The newest player -- at least on the U.K. side of things -- is the Heavy (MySpace), a rough trio from South London that is equal parts Rolling Stones and blues men like Howlin' Wolf with a little bit of Funkadelic on top and an afterthought of Neil Young.
I like it.

They released a single with the below track, "That Kind of Man," as the a-side, with a debut LP to follow, Great Vengeance & Furious Fire, in late October. Get on these three ... !
the Heavy - That Kind of Man