Happy Fourth of July!

fourth of july
Ahh ... Independence Day. While it unfortunately falls on a Wednesday this week, I'm happy to receive any real time off. I am sure everyone else is, too, so live it up!

I'm hoping to resume posting on Thursday (so there will be no break), but I've really gotta see how keen I am on getting back into stuff and, on top of that, posting more on the blog ...
So we shall see.

But enjoy the short break, anyway, and don't burn anything down! (I'm a little nervous that something's going to go wrong tomorrow and another forest fire with ensue.)
Drink up, relax, refresh, replenish your energy, and uh ... save a lot of money when you waste all your time shopping?

One of the posts I'm putting up today marks the 800th for BiBaBiDi! That's very exciting to me, in addition to remembering our first day of Rebellion.