The Sky Drops

the sky drops
The Sky Drops (MySpace) is a wonderful psych-pop group from ... Delaware (Wayne's World flashback here).

The guy/girl duo plays delightful pop tunes awash in tight harmonies, heavy, thick, and dense shoe-gaze guitar melodies, and an underlying garage feel that is hard to resist.
It's bubblegum yet hard; rugged and loose yet clean and crisp. I love music like this ... stuff that's all over the map and that can't make up its mind, but in the confusion and haze, something special and catchy is yielded ...

The two released an EP, Clouds of People a little while back and now have two new tracks -- "Sentimental" and "Million" -- available for download, too! ... check them out and buy the actual release!
the Sky Drops - Sentimental
the Sky Drops - Million
the Sky Drops - Hang On
the Sky Drops - Now Would Be
the Sky Drops - Green to Red


David said…
hi we're in delaware .....