Shout Out Louds @ the El Rey, 7.19.07

shout out louds
The Swedes are truly breaking into America now ... and about time! Attending Shout Out Loud's Los Angeles show was like going to a Maroon 5 show or something. It was bizarrely filled by a rather homogeneous crew of frat guys, their "cute" blonde arm warmers, and a slew of little hipster kids.
But hey -- that's what breaking in is all about ...

The show itself was lots of fun. Shout Out Louds played -- for the most part -- on the ball and were really tight. I wish they hadn't omitted that sexy cowbell from "Impossible," and I think the set list could've been improved a little (no cimlax, really; no authentic beginning or end), but for the most part, they were rad.
The girl on synths, while very pretty, appeared to be pretty nervous and forfeited her vocal talents, too ...

I think it's funny and cute, also, how the singer looks like the Swedish equivalent of Jason Schwartzman, and how the drummer evokes Kraftwerk comparisons in my mind for some reason (grin). At points, Shout Out Louds edged dangerously close to sounding like New Order, but that's pretty cool considering how awesome that band was (duh), and it makes ya realize how catchy those bass hooks are!
If anything, the live performance was eye-opening ... seeing the five in concert made it clear to me how their seemingly minimalist pop is in actuality densely layered and delicately arranged pop at it's most accessible and genuine. Quite a band, I tell ya ...

Keep an eye out on the Anthem Magazine website (to be revamped and unveiled in the middle of August) for some rad footage we'll be getting of them tomorrow. Until then, pictures are here.
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It
Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Studio Possible Remake)