The Myrmidons

the myrmidons
The Myrmidons (MySpace) are a great duo from New York City. Ted Ottaviano and Lauren Johnson -- two thirds of the group -- met at art school, made a group called Book of Love, recorded five albums and released a dozen 12"s (!), and then drifted their separate ways (Ted pursued production jobs with Fleetwood Mac, Hole, and Madonna while Lauren continued the music thing in addition to video and photography work).

However, the end of Book of Love was not the end of Ted and Lauren. The two are now with Lori Lindsay and working under the name the Myrmidons, a sort of fun indie-pop group with plenty of shiny production and hooky melodies combined with a rough-edged garage sound thanks to Lori's awesome fuzzy guitar and straightedge vocals.

A little bit girl group, a little bit garage, a little bit indie rock, but overall a lot of fun! These tunes'll keep you moving and enchanted with their cuter and more soothing melodic qualities and their grittier beats and bass lines. A fantastic combination of sounds and styles that I couldn't be more thankful for!
the Myrmidons - Clap (See the Stars)
the Myrmidons - Dirty Secret