Dandi Wind

dandi wind
Summer Lovers Unlimited can simply do no wrong ... from Crystal Castles to the Teenagers to the Tough Alliance to Twin Crystals and Dandi Wind (MySpace).

The duo has been releasing severe, dark and gloomy, beat-heavy pseudo-rap dance tracks for a few years, releasing the debut LP, Concrete Igloo, way back in early 2006. Now they're prepping a brand-spankin'-new album, Yolk of the Golden Egg, and I couldn't be more excited! The two will be coming to the U.S. towards the end of the summer/beginning of fall, and what an excellent way to usher the cold (?) season in, I say!

Dandi Wind is bouncy beats below raspy, and yeah, sort of creepy vocals; hockey and sort of eerie melodies mixed with fun and funky bass lines and hand claps. Listening to them is confusing and baffling, but too much fun ... they'll keep you guessing, dancing, and a little hesitant to approach them too close ...
Dandi Wind - Mafu Cage (Mafu Remix)
Dandi Wind - Apotemnophilia
Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory


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